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Get to Know LA Jazz Hip Hop Duo, Jefferson The Band.

clary jeffrey

Now you know you know we could't pay tribute to Miami or LA without including the independent music scene. That being said, get familiar with Jefferson The Band. We've had the pleasure of being at a number of there shows and really cannot express how excited we are to host a music group that truly embodies the spirit of young, talented, genuine and  hard working artists. These literally perform all over the city, from rooftops in the Venice Canals, galleries and house parties in Highland Park, to The Hammer Museum,boutiques in San Pedro and Delicious Vinyl. If you want to see a show, they'll probably have one within a couple of days. They're about their work and we're big fans. We got a chance to get an inside scoop on the band before they perform live tomorrow night at our Warm Weather & Cold Hearts Event. Meet Jefferson The Band:

Q1: What made you start your craft and at which point did you know that it was time to pursue this more than a hobby?

Slim: The 1990's Golden Era inspired me to write rhymes. After my first live performance I knew it was more than a hobby. 

Lizzy: I was studying music engineering for a while and that's what made this rap thing a realistic path for me. I had access to a studio and would lay down a verse here or there, but I had the opportunity last summer to spit some rhymes on Slim's last tape. From there, I started performing with him on stage and the rest was history. Creating the group, Jefferson The Band was a natural evolution. We are both our own artists with different stories and different vibes but when we play together, we are able to perfectly fuse our experiences and create epic music.

Q2: How would you describe your style and what message are you trying to get across?

Each show is unique and offers a distinct element to the overall sound. Some days you may find us performing with a four piece band and other times it may be only us and a violinist. Whatever configuration you have the opportunity to experience, Jefferson The Band is always raw and always real. We spit the rhymes that make you think internally. Introspective raps allow you to dive deeper into the abyss of who you really are. Hip hop jazz is a great way to define our style with a sprinkle of funk. People often compare us to Digable Planets.

Q3: How does your city affect who you are as an artist?

We both were raised in Leimert Park, which is the Mecca of black culture and hosts the best jazz and hip hop scenes in LA. That culture is ingrained in us and therefore translates in our sound. 

Q4: What does warm weather and cold hearts mean to you and how does it apply your art or music?

From the outside looking in, LA is a magical place full of glitz and glam. There's also parts of LA that many folks aren't familiar with. We like to illustrate and shed light on both ideas in our music. We rap about the palm trees and good weed but we also rap about the streets and the things we've seen transpire in our own personal lives. LA teaches you that in hip hop, it's sink or swim. We're just happy to be amongst the Sharks swimming freely. 

Q5: What advice would you give an aspiring musician?

Go for it ! If it's in you, don't let anything keep you from being the full expression of who you truly are. The funny thing about life is, when you set your intention and put your mind to do something, the universe lines things up just right for you. You just have to believe in the possibility. We live in a time where people have so much freedom and access to creating music right from their homes. If that's where you need to start, then think about what tools you need to assist you. Never be afraid to ask for help, special things happen when two or more people come together for the same cause. Connect with other musicians, producers, engineers and anyone in the field that you can learn and grow from. Work every day towards your goal, things will start to open up for you.

Come see Jefferson The Band live tomorrow night at 8PM at 5125 Hollywood Blvd LA, CA. You can also catch them every Thursday during their residency at co-LAb Gallery in Highland Park, CA

Get to Know Miami Pop Artist, Micheal Jaye

clary jeffrey

The second Miami based artist on our roster this weekend is Pop Artist, Micheal " Micheal Jaye" Jackson. We've become big fans of Micheal over the last year. After having been exposed to his work through, local Miami collective, Art Central Miami, we're really excited to have him fly out to LA and perform a live painting for our event and get a better insight into the man behind the canvas with this interview.

Q1: What made you start your craft and at which point did you know that it was time to pursue this more than a hobby?  

Starting my Craft I was always fascinated with sketching graffiti letterings for classmates in high school, growing up mirroring my Best Friend “Sergio” (@iam_inkrojas) a local graffiti artist who is now an incredible tattoo artist paved the way for me. He taught me ways to formulate art into making people happy and expressing yourself. After high school my best friend continued art not only as a hobby but as a career picking up the tattoo gun. So I figured, hey! what’s a way I can turn my art into a way of making some money and making people happy. That’s when I started to really take art a little more serious by picking up the brushes.

Q2: How would you describe your style and what message are you trying to get across?  

Being that I create my art for people to feel something and ultimately feel happy, my art is very colorful, vibrant. My style I would say I am more on the POP ART side. Using bold black lines to help my art more with definition align with the layer of colors I use.

Q3: How does your city affect who you are as an artist?      

Miami….. My home.. My Birthplace…..  It’s crazy how when most people think of Miami everyone who is not from here may think of just the sunny beaches, the nightlife, and celebrities.. but there’s way more to Miami than just the glam life. We struggle in Miami. Due to the lack of the eye of society our culture being the (urban art culture) at times gets over looked by the corporate money making world. Miami keeps me grounded as an artist, makes me appreciate what I have and think of the potential heights I can achieve to make a difference for people, not to just make money doing it but to EMBRACE  THE CULTURE                

Q4: What does warm weather and cold hearts mean to you and how does it apply your art or music?                                                                                                                                                  
This event by Loincloth LA named Warm Hearts and Cold Weather carries weight and value to me. Showcasing and Live Painting at this event, it just puts a positive thought bring my drive. Bringing Heat to Warm the people in the LA community up.
“Warm Hearts and Cold Weather” … LA, just know I’m creating some dope ish for you guys !    

Q5: What advice would you give an aspiring artist?  

The Advice I give to aspiring artist…. Keep going. Never give up on your passion and dreams. Never! Even if it makes you feel like you’re never going to succeed… The feeling you get from creating what you love is 10 times better than giving up. Always remember the light is on you to help the world heal.



Get to Know LA Based Fine Artist, Rob Hill

clary jeffrey

rob hill interview.jpg

We got a chance to sit down with LA's Rob Hill a few days before he presents a new exhibition at our Warm Weather & Cold Hearts event this coming Saturday. We've been huge fans of his work over the last year or so and couldn't be more excited to work with him and get some insight into his craft

Q1: What made you start your craft and at what point did you know that it was time to pursue this more than a hobby?

I started painting in high school and had a very positive reaction from it. I took a long break of 10 years and started again in 2013. After a year of painting consistently  I knew that it was my passion and my gift.

Q2: How would you describe your style and what message are you trying to get across?

I am a self-taught artist and think I have a very unique style. It's a Geometric Abstract style of painting. My message is to be unique in your own way and never let anyone else ruin that.

Q3: How does your city affect who you are as an artist?

My city gives me energy because LA never stops and it's no limit to how far you can go or what you can do if you put your mind to it and stay focused.

Q4: What does warm weather and cold hearts mean to you and how does it apply your art or music?

Warm weather means LA, Miami and every place that has great weather and cold hearts are the people that can't wake up everyday day and just enjoy life. That's the world I live in, so its a connection because my art is everyday life and the journey.

Q5: What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

Keep God first. Practice your craft, and always stay consistent. 


Get to Know Miami Street Artist, Alex Yost

clary jeffrey

As the days wind down to our Warm Weather & Cold Hearts event this Saturday, we'll be catching up with the featured artists to give you and inside look at who they are and what advice they have for young creatives.  First up, it's South Florida's own, Alex Yost.

Q1: What made you start your craft and at which point did you know that it was time to pursue this more than a hobby?

I have never been the behind the desk type, I always had a passion for art growing up and was decent at drawing, etc, but nothing I ever thought I could make a career out of. I graduated college with a communication degree and realized I was not going to be happy pursuing the field. I started painting and was never scared of my creativity...never looked back

Q2: How would you describe your style and what message are you trying to get across?

I would describe myself as a modern expressionist...I want my work to draw a strong sense of feeling and connect to the viewer in some way.

Q3: How does your city affect who you are as an artist?

Growing up in Miami, my city has fueled my passion from the music, nostalgic icons, athletes, and beautiful weather that make Miami what it is.

Q4: What does warm weather and cold hearts mean to you and how does it apply your art or music?

Well...a couple years ago loin cloth came to me with an idea they called 'the mercenary project' they had a concept of a ripping heart, one side being mechanical, and one side being flesh...I loved the idea and brought it to life with my 'No Feelings' I would like to say I bridged this east coast west coast gap with loin cloth and our warm weather and cold hearts concept!

Q5: What advice would you give an aspiring artist musician?

To follow any passion you ever have, and NEVER be insecure of your creativity!

We want to thank Yost for the extra insight. Come view his work and have a drink with all of us this weekend at Warm Weather & Cold Hearts this Saturday from 8 PM - Midnight

Warm Weather & Cold Hearts: LA - MIA. A Pop-Up Gallery Event.

clary jeffrey

LoinCloth Los Angeles is very excited to bring you a one-night, pop-up gallery party featuring exhibitions and live music provided by our favorite artists from Miami and Los Angeles.

While the two cities have their own unique identities, LA and Miami offer dreamers similar environments where success is on constant display, distractions always come knocking, and struggle is waiting to check you after your intermittent stints of glory. All with the back drop of palm trees, beautiful beaches and great weather. It's the beauty of the chase. Through our past events and misadventures in both cities, we've had the privilege of meeting artists who inspired us by committing to their passions and truly representing the spirit of hustle and ambition in their respective regions.

From Miami, we're bringing out street artists Alex Yost and Micheal Jackson. Representing LA are, fine artist, Rob Hill and local Jazz Hip Hop group, Jefferson The Band. Over the last couple of years, we've become big fans of these creators from a distance and could not be happier to finally bring them together under one roof on Hollywood Blvd. The night will also feature a pop-up shop with a new collection from LoinCloth LA that will be sold exclusively at the event. We'll have a couple collaborative pieces with Clutch Jewelry and Alex Yost that you won't want to sleep on.

Join us for free drinks, live music, shopping and a showcase of amazing art on Saturday April 16th at 8 PM. Event details are below.

Creative Start Podcast

clary jeffrey

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of being a guest on Creative Start, a podcast that highlights entrepreneur's and their story. It is a really a cool program that Cortnee (the host) has put together, not only does she do an in depth and very entertaining podcast, but she also follows her guest around for a day or two watching and photographing these entrepreneurs go through their creative process. She then uses that to give her followers an even more in depth picture of her shows guest and what they are all about. Please check out her podcast below and tell us what you think

Download the podcast here

Check out our day with Cortnee in the fashion district here




Grizzly Griptape Flagship Store Opening

clary jeffrey

With the new Grizzly Griptape Store opening, we had to go over and check it out for ourselves. Opening Night was packed with great people, several bars and beautiful women...what more could you ask for? We also ran into one of the legends in our industry, Nicky Diamonds of Diamond Supply. All in all it was a great night and if you get a chance, stop by and check it out.